The new PiMag Optimizer II is the most exciting wellness product so far this millenium. In just 9 minutes, the Optimizer II produces super-oxygenated, super-energized living water.

Optimized — Ionized — Balanced As close as possible to perfect water! The new PiMag Optimizer IIis designed specifically for use with your Nikken PiMag Water System — to ensure you’re getting the water you want to drink! The PiMag Optimizer II transforms PiMag water through patented technology. It features innovations based on nature’s water systems — rainstorms, mountain streams — in its patented design. High-energy magnetic cocooning (up to 4,400 gauss), pi ceramics and vortex-active oxygenation — the unique combination of technologies found in the PiMag Optimizer II is designed to re-create the conditions where the original pi “water of life” was discovered more than 30 years ago. Just fill the pitcher with water from your PiMag Water System, press the start button, and the Optimizer II does the job automatically, in minutes. Then it’s ready to drink! Water is one of the basics of wellness. Enjoy optimized PiMag water — water in balance.